What is "yoni", anyway?

Yoni is a Sanskrit word, the meaning of which goes way beyond just being a fancy word for pussy. “Yoni” is kind of a deity. A Goddess. A whole universe of mystery and magic. In ancient scriptures of Hinduism, it stands to represent the Goddess Shakti, consort of Shiva, pure essence of the feminine force of the Universe.


“Yoni” is also interpreted to mean the whole of the female reproductive system, including the womb and ovaries. Nowadays, as Tantra is knocking on the doors of mainstream awareness, yoni is usually used to refer to the vulva/vagina.

But Yoni is so much more than just the vagina! Yoni is a whole world. Yoni is a universe. She includes not just the parts of the female body we refer to as vulva, but also the mystical and mythical essence of woman-ness. It is an equivalent of a Goddess and holds the secret to Life, Love and Bliss. Yoni is the Source of all Life, a Sacred Space of Creation. Knowing all this, we must approach her with reverence and respect. With love, wonder and devotion. One of the ways to offer reverence and love to the yoni is through yoni massage.

Deeper Intimacy and Better sex with yoni massage

When we think of sex we often think: cock, vagina, penetration. And while that can be GREAT, there is much more for us to discover about vaginas! Sometimes the yoni just needs to be touched with love and care, with no expectation of it turning into sex.

Yoni Massage is a way for the woman to experience deep healing, transformation, and an awakening of subtle blissful energies of her sexuality. This can be so enjoyable for both genders! From here onwards, we will refer to the man as the “Giver” and the woman as “Receiver”. A yoni massage is a gift to your woman! It will help her come into deeper contact with her body, to relax more, to explore her sensuality in a new way. It may be arousing, or it may not. Often it is an emotional experience. But with practice, both the Giver and the Receiver can experience more and more pleasure. With the help of this course, you as a woman can learn to open for more and more blissful pleasure, as a man you can learn how to give and as a couple you can take your sexual connection to the next level.

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Better Sexual Living with Expert massage

There are times the vagina needs to be massage, no sex, but it for total healing, awakening, and transformation for the woman, though this can be enjoyed by both gender, which can be grouped as the receiver and the giver. Just like the men enjoyed Lingam massage more, women can be said to enjoy yoni massage more. So if you are looking forward to more and more pleasure as a woman that will engulf your entire being throughout your massage period on your vagina, then the yoni massage course is for you. You can have a sexual ride of a lifetime without sex by exploring your body more sensually. 

What is yoni massage about? 

Touch is fundamental to intimacy and it's one of the best ways to show that we deeply care for one another. Skilful touch may mean all the difference in your relationship and connection to your partner. Are you skilful at giving loving touch? And how about receiving?

Our yoni massage course will support you to become an expert giver! And you will also receive magical tips and deep insight into how to give to yourself as a woman.

 Explore your own body or that of your partner’s in a new, more satisfying, sensual and embodied way! Yoni Massage is a type of sensual massage focused on, but not limited to, the feminine sexual areas, the vulva, vagina and lower belly. You can do this sacred bodywork on your own or with a partner and can use it as foreplay before lovemaking. Whether or not your yoni massage will evolve into ecstatic lovemaking, it’s up to you. It doesn’t have to. There should be no expectation for that to happen. 

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Benefits of the yoni massage course 

You have to get yourself ready for this massage by doing the following: 

It healing for those with sexual trauma 

This massage will help to slowly reconnect the body to your sensuality in a positive way in case you have suffered one trauma or the other sexually 

Get you in tune with your body 

This is another great benefit of the yoni massage course; it helps one get comfortable in one’s skin and allows one to explore the body in a sensual, slow, methodical way without much pressure to pleasure self or another. 

Offers ejaculation and orgasm in a more pleasing way 

This massage is very stimulating because the massage concentrates more on the erogenous zones of the woman’s body, which includes the stomach and breast. So if you need to arouse yourself without limit, then yoni massage is the answer. 

Multiple orgasms are possible with this massage 

Though the best focus or fundamental goal of this practice isn’t orgasm but experiencing multiple orgasms during the therapy is imminent. So this will benefit more for people that find it difficult to climax. With this massage culminating is possible. 

Benefits of Yoni Massage

Deep Surrender and connection with your body

The first great benefit of yoni massage is that it will help you feel more comfortable in your own body, become more sensitive to your own subtle sexual energies and love and accept your body more.

relaxation and pleasure

Through receiving yoni massage, you will be able to come into deeper and deeper relaxation when you self-pleasure or make love, and you will experience more and deeper pleasure.

Releasing tension from the sexual areas

Often we are not even aware how much tension and contraction we carry in our bodies. This can block the free flow of our energy. Yoni Massage will help you tune in and release tension in a safe and held way so you can return to freedom. 

Becoming more orgasmic

Though the focus and fundamental goal of this practice isn't orgasm, it will support you to become more orgasmic. If you are experiencing difficulties to climax, receiving yoni massages will help you to slowly open up to this possibility. With time and practice, it will become the foundation for you to open to your subtle energies and orgasmic potential, which is inherent in each and every woman.

Deepening your Sexual Connection and relationship as a couple

Yoni Massage is a wonderful experience for both the Giver and the Receiver. It will open you to more intimacy, healing, connection and pleasure together.

Healing From Sexual Trauma 

A lot of us have suffered some kind of sexual trauma in our lives. And most of us carry shame and guilt around sexuality. Please understand that if you are working through deep trauma, you might need to seek professional help so you can work with this in a held and safe space first. There are a lot of amazing professionals that can support you when you first start addressing this. However, if you are ready to work on this on your own or with your partner, Yoni Massage is a soft and gentle way to bring awareness to those areas that might be numb or hurting, and through releasing blocked energies you can start to heal and move towards pleasure. 

How to prepare for yoni massage as a giver

2. Get your mind ready 

Talk about it! Listen to your partner, ask her what she likes (even if you think you know), what she is worried about or afraid of. Intimacy starts with deep conversation and honesty.  Maybe spend some time just looking into each other’s eyes (this is called eye-gazing). Let her know that this is a gift from your heart, that there is absolutely NO expectation on her, that she is welcome to feel whatever she is feeling or not feeling. That you are there for her fully. That this space is for HER to RECEIVE.

If you have never done Tantric practices before, your mind will need some preparation. This is a sacred spiritual practice. Let go of all preconceived ideas, and before you start the massage, spend some time breathing deeply into your belly. Let the day wash away and concentrate only on what is happening in the here and now. Keep your mind and heart open. Focus on what is present and let go of all expectations of how you think it should be.

1. Plan! Create a comfortable and safe space 

As a Giver it is your responsibility to prepare the space beautifully, outside and inside. Allocate time for this, (3-4 hrs) make sure you will not have to rush to work afterwards, or run errands just before. If you have kids, maybe get a sitter or pass them on to Grandma. 

Light some candles, warm some skin-friendly oil, put on soft music, get essential oils, whatever you know she likes. Prepare the bed or a space on the floor with soft blankets, pillows.

Enchant your partner! You might want to give her a scented bath before. Use a blindfold. Whisper sweet nothings into her ear. Tell her how beautiful she is today.

3. Get the body ready 

Whether you are giving to yourself or to you partner, you will start by warming up the body. Slowly massaging the belly and abdomen, including the breasts. Make sure you spend enough time with other areas of the body before moving to the yoni. Stay in connection with yourself/your partner. Include the inner thighs and legs. 
Getting the body fully ready is essential for you or your partner to feel safe and open.

When you receive

Dear lady, just be honest, speak your truth and allow yourself to receive, be held and seen. Do not be afraid to expose yourself. Speak your fears and desires. Accept everything as it comes. Even numbness and resistance. Share with your partner what you feel, what you desire!

When you receive touch, concentrate on what you FEEL, not on what you THINK you should be could be or would be feeling. Stay present with your sensations. Allow yourself to be touched. Breathe slowly and deeply into your belly. And if you allow yourself to sound freely, you can open to even more energy flow.

Some tips for solo yoni love

Take your time. Get a mirror and look at yourself. (Naked, yes.) Sit with your spine straight, and start by breathing deeply into your belly. Put one hand over your heart and one over your womb. Imagine an energetic connection between them. And while you do that, please know that they are in fact, connected, through the vagus nerve that runs from your cervix to your heart).Tune in and let your body tell you how she wants to be touched. Take your time. Explore. Get curious. Find your pleasure. Use your fingers, your hands. Try slow, and soft touch. Try faster and deeper touch. It is an exploration. You can't go wrong. Notice what comes up for you when you touch yourself in a conscious, loving way. Welcome everything. Pleasure, shame, joy, numbness, resistance. It will give you a great deal of self-awareness and learning as to what your body loves - which will come in handy when guiding a partner in how to love you. 

Techniques you can use in Yoni Massage

Here you find a selection of different techinques you can use. Remember to always start with whole body massage and move to the yoni when your partner is open and ready

  • Cupping 

This can be your first "move" when starting to massage the yoni. First, just cover the whole area of the Venus mound, with your hands relaxed gently on top of each other. Spend some time like this, just resting and allowing your partner to get used to your touch. Then, you can move your hands in a circular way, massaging the yoni with the palm of your hand with soft pressure.

  • Circling

This is a yummy way to release tension from all the tissue around the vagina. You can use your thumbs or your index fingers, and circle in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction around the clitoris, the inner and outer lips, the entrance of the vagina, and even the perineum. You can experiment with smaller and bigger circles, softer, feather-light touch and stronger pressure, but remaining slow and attentive, making sure you are receptive to what is happening for her.

  • Pulsate 

Using your thumb or index finger, create soft pulsating-vibrating movements on and around the clitoris, like soft fast tapping.

  • Tugging

Another excellent way of massaging the vaginal area, especially the inner and outer lips, is tugging. You hold the tissue between your thumb and your index finger, gently pulling away from the body. Make sure you have a solid grip and you pull gently without any sudden movements. 

  • Rolling 

In the same way as with tugging, you hold the tissue of the clitoris and / or the lips between your thumb and index finger, rolling and rubbing them. This is delicious when you travel down along the lips with this technique. 

Tantric positions to use with yoni massage 

If you want to get the most out of this massage, you will need to make sure that you have a comfortable and intimate position where you take care of your own body but also your connection to your partner.  

Easy Yub Yam: let your partner lie on their back while you sit in between their legs. If you are comfortable sitting cross-legged, you can do so, letting their legs rest over your thighs on either side of you. Alternatively you can do the same with your legs stretched. This way you will have access to their whole body. Begin with inhaling and exhaling slowly into your belly 

Hand on heart position: Start with holding one hand on your parter's heart and make an intention to synchronise your breathing before you start the massage.  

Spooning: lie sideways, back to belly. You can give and receive touch like this or you can finish your massage in this position, resting and breathing together in sweet intimacy.

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