Better Sexual Living With Yoni Massage Course 

There are times the vagina needs to be massage, no sex, but it for total healing, awakening, and transformation for the woman, though this can be enjoyed by both gender, which can be grouped as the receiver and the giver. Just like the men enjoyed Lingam massage more, women can be said to enjoy yoni massage more. So if you are looking forward to more and more pleasure as a woman that will engulf your entire being throughout your massage period on your vagina, then the yoni massage course is for you. You can have a sexual ride of a lifetime without sex by exploring your body more sensually. 

What is a yoni massage course? 

This is taken to help you explore the sensual zones of your body, it is a type of sensual massage that might not necessarily include foreplay or sex, and this massage pampers the vagina and gives it the necessary touch it deserves. This massage can be done with a partner or alone, and it doesn’t need to involve lovemaking. 

Benefits of the yoni massage course 

You have to get yourself ready for this massage by doing the following: 

It healing for those with sexual trauma 

This massage will help to slowly reconnect the body to your sensuality in a positive way in case you have suffered one trauma or the other sexually 

Get you in tune with your body 

This is another great benefit of the yoni massage course; it helps one get comfortable in one’s skin and allows one to explore the body in a sensual, slow, methodical way without much pressure to pleasure self or another. 

Offers ejaculation and orgasm in a more pleasing way 

This massage is very stimulating because the massage concentrates more on the erogenous zones of the woman’s body, which includes the stomach and breast. So if you need to arouse yourself without limit, then yoni massage is the answer. 

Multiple orgasms are possible with this massage 

Though the best focus or fundamental goal of this practice isn’t orgasm but experiencing multiple orgasms during the therapy is imminent. So this will benefit more for people that find it difficult to climax. With this massage culminating is possible. 

How to begin Yoni message 

You have to get yourself ready for this massage by doing the following: 

Get your mind ready 

If you are starting with this practice, then you need to prepare your mind and condition it to accept reality and not your expectations.

Get into a comfortable space 

Make your space comfortable enough; you can put on soothing music, turn off the light but lighting only candles, maybe add fluffy pillows to your bed, etc 

Get your body ready 

Warm-up your body for this practice to avoid sluggishness, you start with massaging your belly and abdomen; breast, especially your areola and work through to your inner thighs and legs. 

The different techniques to be used with a Yoni massage course

This massage can work better when the following techniques are employed for use with exercise. There are: 

  • Circling 

This technique involves circling the clitoris in a clockwise and counterclockwise motion to reduce pressure from the vagina area. 

  • Tugging 

This is all about tugging the clitoris and releasing it, like tugging the clitoris from the body and releasing it 

  • Pulling and pushing 

This technique involves pulling the finger down the shaft then keeping the pressure on the clitoris 

  • Cupping 

Another excellent way of massaging the vagina area, this is all about wrapping your hand in a cup-like way and holding it over the vagina and using the palm to massage the vagina area. 

  • Rolling 

This technique involves holding the clitoris in between the thumb and index finger and rubbing the clitoris the in-between fingers like you are about to snap. 

Tantric positions to use with yoni massage 

If you need to have the very best from this massage, there are some positions you need to be in to achieve excellent output. Use the positions to have the best massage. 

Lotus: Sit back and cross your leg and begin to inhale and exhale from your stomach 

Hand on heart position: Sit tight and begin to feel the heart’s rhythm under your hand, connect your hand to your heart for proper connection 

Spooning: line sideward with your partner if any, then you receiving the massage should be in a spoon position, breathe in unison to build a relationship with yourselves 

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