Mesmerize your man's body with Lingam message 

If you need to mesmerize your man and capture his attention without trying too hard, it is a then time to give him a lingam massage; this will be like taking him on the sexual ride of his life. This full-body, including the penis massage, will put your man's body in a sexual frenzy; this is not about orgasm but enabling the man to consciously get all the sexual pleasure that this therapy have got to offer. With this massage, your intimacy with your man will strengthen the more, and you both can enjoy a fun-filled, romantic relationship. If you need your man to get a different kind of pleasure and not to ejaculate easily and quickly, then you need to know about the lingam massage now. 

What is Lingam Massage? 


Lingam's message is the sexual stimulation of man's full-body, including his genitals with the aids of different strokes and grips.

This massage enables the man to feels different sexual sensations in his body and makes him receives immense pleasure without ejaculating and reaching the climax quickly.  

For a man to enjoy this massage without fears, then the right haven must be created. So to get Lingam massage going as expected, the proper techniques must be employed and the right space used. 

Benefits of giving a lingam massage

This is a therapy that comes with immense benefits for the receiver; the man will benefit from this massage in three different ways physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Physical benefits

There will be improved circulation of blood to the different body parts especially the genitals for the man which will help the man get an excellent and strong erection of the penis; there will smooth movement of the lymph fluids as well, to help relax the muscles and also clean out toxin wastes in the body. 

Emotional benefits 

It is a fact that emotions are mostly stores as physical tensions that stem from shame, hurt, fear, and disappointment. So since this massage is therapeutic and soothing, it can help one to release all these emotions and be free from it. 

Spiritual benefits 

Meditating during this massage can help put the man on a higher level of consciousness devoid of shyness or guilt, and the man becomes more enlightened about this  exercise spiritually. 

Types of Lingam massage 

  • Therapeutic deals with releasing physical tension and pain 
  • Sensual is to offer sexual pleasure and guide the man to orgasm without ejaculating 
  • Lingam massage between lovers can be extended foreplay, which could be enjoyed by both couples. 

How to set the stage for a good Lingam massage 

You need to get your man ready in all aspect for this therapy, so you need to create a relaxed atmosphere to set the ball rolling, to achieve this do the following: 

  • Create an erotic environment and ambiance 
  • Use soft lighting and a relaxing music 
  • Be more patient and compassionate with your man during a lingam massage 
  • Be more patient and compassionate with your man during a lingam massage 
  • Touch your man sensually in the course of the massage 
  • Glide your hands freely, smoothly and without friction by applying a lot of oil 
  • Start slowly with some very light touch before gently adding a bit of pleasure. 

The different techniques of Lingam massage 

  • Preparation technique: prepare your man's mind and body for the massage session 
  • Discussion technique: get to know the man's expectations, history, and goals before starting the course 
  • Setting intentions technique: Get to know the man's intentions beforehand and try to meet them  
  • Relaxation technique: Use this technique to put the man in a meditative state to calm all nerves 
  • Warm-up technique: Start lightly by touching all the erogenous zones of his body. 
  • Exploration and stimulation technique: This is where you explore the man's body more to revs up all kinds of sensations and get the needed pleasure with no resistance. 
  • Edging and orgasm technique: use this technique to arouse the man without him getting an orgasm immediately, but slowly get through to climax. 

How to learn the art of lingam massage 

You can acquaint yourself with the needed skills by attending some lingam massage workshops and training. You can as well do some lingam massage courses online; there are good videos and blogs online that will acquaint you with the necessary knowledge. 

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