Couple’s Massage: Getting The Right Deal

A 60-minute massage is equivalent to 8hours of sleep to your body. 

If you clicked on this article, you have probably discovered couples massage but you have no idea what it is, how to get one, when to get it and how to act. This write-up will give you insights and let you in on a few other secrets to help you get the best from your couple’s massage deal.  

What is a couples massage?  

The answer to this question is easier and simpler than you could ever imagine. When you and your friend, partner or spouse enjoy a massage while lying on two separate beds next to one another, that is a couples massageTwo massage therapists work on the both of you, one for each person. Like every other massage, couple’s massage could include soothing music, aromatherapy and candle lighting and perfume oils. These massage sessions have become a gift between romantic partners, but that is not always the case.  

Eating Before A Massage Session 

Eating before a massage session is not harmful, provided its done at least an hour before so you don’t lie on a full belly. Experts advise that you don’t have a massage at 6 o’clock and then make dinner reservations for 7:30, since you will not enjoy that nice relaxing massage you just had due to the rush.  

Any Extras For You And Your Partner At The Spa?  

You must have heard that if you arrive early (or stay late), you might receive some benefits. Some massage parlors include complimentary access to saunas, fitness centers, gymsswimming pools, jacuzzis and other amenities with treatment reservations. It is your place to make use of these additional benefits since most people don’t take advantage of those facilities. Some hotel spas even have an onsite restaurant 

If you booked a couple’s massage session in a spa with these facilities missing, its still your place to show up early. If you and your partner arrive too close to the time of appointment, you might end up rushing around, the therapist too might rush around leaving you with all that rushed energy. Always have this in mind when picking a couple’s massage deal.  

Will Each Of Us Get Different Treatment?

Absolutely yesJust like a solo session, couples massages should include personalized consultations which involves the masseuse/masseur.  

It is normal for people to have individual wants and needs for their own bodies. Someone could have a shoulder tension, while another just had a surgery on his wrist, ankle or thigh or wants attention on their legs. 

 Don’t get it twisted, this is not just about focus areas. You and your partner should feel free to ask for various modalities. If one person just needs relaxation, a Swedish massage will do. If the other demands for a more therapeutic treatment, then by all means he/she should get a deep tissue or a sports massage. There should be no limits.  

do's and don't

What About Including Add-ons? 

Chances are, the spa will have no problems with this. If one of you has had a really stressful time at work recently, then request for aromatherapy since scented essential oils will go long way in calming the mind better than massage alone. If you getting the massage on a cold day, add hot stones!  

Talking During Massages 

You can………but its not recommended.  

If you are giving your partner a couples massage, you should have a conversation about talking during a massage. Just stay silent and allow those silky hands do their work on you. You can talk all you want about the treatment during the drive back hom

Champagne and drinks? 

Some spas and massage parlors offer champagne with couple’s massages. However, watch how much you drink before and after the treatment. Drinking afterwards can hit you a lot faster according to experts because your circulatory system is going a lot quicker. A little alcohol will do, but also drink plenty of water too.   

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